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Board of Directors and Committees

The names of the persons who are to serve as the directors until the first annual meeting of Directors or until their successors are elected and qualified are:

Garry Struyk
The President shall preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors, shall see that orders and resolutions of the Board are carried out; may sign all checks, liens, contracts and other written instruments.

Georgeanne Evans
The Treasurer may receive and deposit in appropriate bank accounts all monies of the Association, may sign checks, and may prepare an annual budget and statement of income and expenditures to be presented to the Membership at its regular annual meeting.

Bev Mylan
The Vice President shall act in the place and instead of the President in the absence, inability or refusal to act, and may exercise and discharge such other duties as may be required of him/her by the Board.

Ginger McPartlin
The Secretary may record all votes and keep the minutes of all meetings and proceedings of the Board and of the Members; keep appropriate current records showing the Members of the Association together with their addresses, and may perform such other duties as required by the Board.

Roy Ashworth
The Director exercises and discharge duties as may be required from time-to-time by the Board.

Committees are groups of volunteer residents, appointed by the Board of Directors, who discuss topics, research information, and recommend actions to the Board.

Architecture Committee:
Garry Struyk, Chair
The Board, Member

Landscape Committee:
Peter Leuzinger, Chair
Marie Garrett, Member
Trudy Jaskela, Member
Ine Van Kersen, Member
Dee Ann Leuzinger, Member

Finance Committee:
Georgeanne Evans, Chair
Gerry Leonard, Member